As singer / songwriter Tom Eaton attempts to continue the musical legacy established by his Grandfather, Capitol Record's recording artist / composer Les Baxter, he has found his own unique sound rooted in Americana.

Inspired at an early age by his Grandfather's love of Latin America, Eaton set out on his own, exploring the sights and sounds of Central & South America before returning home to write "North County," his original album based on his years spent in Southern California, Latin America, and the relationships & experiences along the way.  

Produced by the renowned & eclectic Skip Heller who himself lived and studied with Les Baxter during his latter years, this deeply personal album is Tom Eaton's first, yet you wouldn't know it by listening.  

Eaton has appeared in The Fretboard Journal, played music with living legend Roland White, and recorded at Fonotone Records, where he and Skip made a pilgrimage to pay tribute to Joe Bussard and the musical treasure he has collected consisting of more than 15,000 classic vinyl records - which many people became aware of when Bob Dylan gave Neil Young a Fonotone box set.

Says Eaton, "Skip is the important link here that has helped to bridge the gap between my Grandfather's influence and my songwriting.  He's my musical mentor, just like Les was his, and now we're finally making music together, which is something i'm very proud of."  

Tom's influences are diverse, and his debut album reflects that, ranging from the bluegrassy breakdown "On The Road" to huge ballads like "Faces in the Rain" and the heartfelt acoustic expression of the closing title track "North County."  This is an album heavily influenced by The Band, 1970's Dylan, the early Asylum records singer / songwriter roster and classic California Country.